We founded this company with only one goal in mind: to distract ourselves from the xbox.

Welcome to our online store. We hope you have a lot of money. We also hope you are very attractive, easy-going, fun to be around, and are happy in general, because that sounds like a pretty ideal personality, and that’s all we can really ask from you, our faceless internet customer.

Do you like t-shirts?


We here at UNIVERSAL ERROR think the better question is, “What is the world not yet offering that a new entity might be able to provide?” but phrased more like, “What is the name of the new entity, that which values art, literature, design, trailer trash, and Top 40 hits all in top priority, that might be able to provide the world with an offering during this crucial time in which the world is not getting this specific kind of offering already?”

And the answer to that question is UNIVERSAL ERROR.

How Can UNIVERSAL ERROR Products Make Me A Happier Person?

Nothing can make you a happier person. Whatever ratio of happiness to unhappiness you experience in general will probably be maintained for the rest of your life. We are a realistic company, not a blindly optimistic one. While we can’t promise you everlasting complacency or a meaningful and loving relationship (because we know that’s what you’re really after), that’s no reason to deny yourself a product that you obviously identify with and long for. You can’t be happy all the time but you can be happy sometimes. And that’s our motto here at Universal Error.

How Do I Know If This UNIVERSAL ERROR Product Is Right For Me?

Our products are not for everyone, sure, but look at yourself, you would look good in anything. Has anyone ever told you that you should be a famous model? We would be lying if we said you weren’t the most beautiful gem we’d ever seen, and we know because we watched you through your window the other night (for market research) and saw you basking in the glow of your laptop, occasionally attempting to sing along to songs whose lyrics you clearly did not know.

What Can UNIVERSAL ERROR Products Do To Enhance My Self-Image?

Self-image improves over time as you learn more about yourself, develop skills and talents, diminish unwanted personality traits, and gather or create a group of people who can support and nourish you in the way you desire. These things take time. That’s where UNIVERSAL ERROR can help. By browsing the UNIVERSAL ERROR website and purchasing UNIVERSAL ERROR products, you are essentially getting rid of or using up some of the many hours standing between you and the ultimate goal of a positive self-image.